Unleashing Circular Economy: Enel X case

by | Mar 15, 2021

Enel X intends to take advantage of circular economy by offering solutions that are sustainable in itself and/or are enablers of circularity.

In a climate changing period where people are consuming more than world can regenerate resources, Enel X base its strategy upon three main pillars. First, Enel X wants to be an infrastructure provider that through UBB, public lighting and charging stations for electric vehicles enable new possibilities and services for the citizens of our cities. Second, Enel X wants to pursue an energy as a service strategy for our C&I clients, so that through our solutions they are able to save money on their energy bills. And Enel X wants to pull together revenue share models that through flexibility solutions will enable our customers to earn revenues from energy, orchestrating their participation to energy markets.

Circular economy represents for Enel X a concrete approach to enhance sustainability based on new business models. In fact, our business gives relevance to consumption models (EaaS business) and ancillary services (access to the energy market, installation and maintenance of products sold, etc.) which are distinguishing factors of our solutions.

Who we are

Enel X is a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector. Shifting the paradigm, Enel X helps customers use technology to transform energy into new opportunities, so they can thrive and drive progress, across the world. We are a global company with strong roots in the energy field and an open strategy geared towards digitalisation, sustainability and innovation. We use smart, simple and fast technologies to help our customers discover a new way of using energy, all over the world

What we want

Rather than focusing primarily on managing energy and costs – even though this is important – Enel X wants to help businesses, cities and individuals use energy to create new possibilities. 

Helping customers transform energy into a New Power, we create New Value, for all. 

Create the New Power Economy   

We help customers transform energy into New Power to enable the creation of New Value for everyone. Providing a platform to radically improve businesses, cities, homes and lives around the world.

That’s simple to understand and simple to access.

Always on, always moving forward.

Enabling everyone to drive progress.

The power in your hands to create New Value.

For Business   

Transforming businesses to power New Value.

We offer the expertise and solutions to help your business create New Value. Intelligently understanding your business and its energy usage to create new opportunities to reduce costs, generate new revenue streams and develop a more sustainable organisation.

For cities   

Transforming cities to power new ways for citizens to thrive.

We offer the expertise and solutions to help you create and run thriving cities. Helping you create the right solutions for smarter lighting and energy consumption, as well as providing connectivity and mobility solutions that improve the lives of your residents.  

For people   

Transforming homes to power more comfortable lives.

We help people turn their home into new ways to live more simply, smartly and comfortably. Giving you the solutions to take control of your home environment and keep your appliances running. As well as creating new opportunities, through a range of financial and mobility services to improve your life.

Beyond Open Power 

Our company was born Open Power: sustainability and the continuous search for innovation have always been a part of our DNA.

Today we want to look even further ahead, beyond the horizon.

We have huge margins to create new value by changing the paradigms of the energy industry.

We can unleash energy by moving beyond the concept of a commodity, exploring different market segments to create new ones or venturing into areas that are as yet unexplored.

Energy as a service 

We want to lead the revolution in the new uses of energy through an integrated and flexible business strategy aimed at harnessing change. We are able to intercept the needs of customers in the different contexts in which we work in order to bring technologies that generate value on both a local and global level.  

We want to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility, conscious and efficient consumption, and the generation of electricity from renewable sources, helping companies, cities and individuals to live, work and grow.

New Power Economy 

A platform that everyone can use to transform energy into services and to give each of us the opportunity to create new value for all, improving our offices, our cities, our homes and our lives.

We aim to bring this power to everyone, boosting opportunities for connection, collaboration and innovation. Together, we want to create a New Power Economy.

We aim to bring this power to everyone, boosting opportunities for connection, collaboration and innovation. Together, we want to create a New Power Economy.

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